September23 full preview

Hello Patrons,

As usual, it’s time to show the September full set.

The theme of the month – Route Raiders, truck drivers and long-haul drivers.

Behind the wheels of their heavily modified rigs, these modern-day nomads operate in a world where survival is a constant negotiation between the razor’s edge of danger and the allure of freedom. Beyond their role as mere transporters, they embody a new breed of urban adventurers, navigating the urban sprawl with a mix of street-smart savvy and technological prowess. In the interconnected megalopolises of the cyberpunk era, information is power, and cyberpunk truckers have become the conduits of forbidden knowledge, defying the watchful eyes of surveillance systems to smuggle encrypted data caches through a labyrinth of shadowy backstreets and neon-lit alleys.

You get this month uber-cool miniatures including big Behemoth Express truck. Plus nice terrains, cool Frozen HIghway mat. What is your favorite model this month?

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