The Manor House (49×65)

The Manor House consists of three maps!

**The Lawns of the manorly estate unfurl in a mesmerizing expanse like a boundless sea of vibrant emerald, its Flowerbeds bursting forth with an effusion of colors, Its paths leading through sculpted hedgerows leading the the weathered stone of the stately abode. Its grand halls of the hushed echoes of the generations that have tread these venerable floors.**

Introducing our latest release -“The Manor House!”, a trilogy of maps that combine to the full estate. Spanning a colossal 49×65, this collection encompasses the estate’s vast gardens, leading inward to the heart of the mansion. Here, across two fully detailed floors, a world of stories awaits. Whether your adventures delve into noble intrigue or your heroes ascend the humble beginnings, this space might become their cherished haven.

For those on knight tier and above, We’ve included some tiles to add some extra versatility, Lit and night variants. As well as the map separated into its base layers, along with blank versions so you can tailor and furnish the maps with our assets to suit your needs.

As always this is included in our Foundry Module, fully walled with ambient sound, interactive lights, tiles and doors!

We hope you enjoy the maps!

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