The Shaman 5E Class

The breath that escapes the lips of the dwarf fogs briefly in the cold air before disappearing. Calloused, strong fingers run through the cold dirt as the sound around him dulls. Like his ancestors before him, he focuses. Suddenly, the dwarf slams an ancestral totem depicting his clan’s insignia deep into the soil; his eyes gleam a striking blue on impact. A roar rips through his throat as the form of a bear shreds outward, replacing his dwarven physique. In a matter of seconds, the shaggy haired dwarf fades, and a ferocious grizzly bear with the same strikingly blue eyes rumbles forward.

Shaman are one with the mysterious energy that exists throughout Erenel. The power they possess could manifest in the form of spirits, both humanoid and animal like, or something entirely sinister if the Shaman were to be convinced to tread a darker path. Either way, they act as guardians of the unseen, listeners of the past and future.

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