Tomb of Valin Sarnaster

Tomb of Valin Sarnaster is another location from the Candlekeep Mysteries 5E adventure that we are now really close to having completely mapped! This tomb complex exists as one of the adventure’s higher-level adventures and takes place in a extradimensional crystalline world. The very walls, floors, and ceilings of the area are all formed of brightly glowing crystal, lending this otherworldly appearance throughout. Because the exact layout of the tomb is a little more “classical” in its sprawling design, the overall map is clocking in at 95×120 squares, making it the largest map I’ve made to date (by a fair margin).

What’s available for download:

  • 95×120 square, high resolution maps of the crystalline tomb (as previewed above)
  • Gridless and “unfurnished” variants of all of those maps
  • A “labeled” version of the map aligning with the areas as organized within the adventure
  • VTT Compressed versions of everything!

Tomb of Valin Sarnaster – Full Res ZIP Download

Tomb of Valin Sarnaster – VTT Res ZIP Download

If you thought the JPEGs were large, the PSD file is… cumbersome. Currently working on a way to create a more easily distributed version of it and will update this post once that is ready for use.

Enjoy! Find more of the maps for Candlekeep Mysteries by clicking the “candlekeep” filter at the bottom of this post.

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