Torg Eternity Tribal Adventures S01E07 Idols of Straw

Travel through Core Earth is mundane and starts with a ship to Yangon, Myanmar, where a van takes the Storm Knights up the AH1/1 to Khadatgon. The heroes travel via Orrorshan carriage from Khadatgon to Mandalay for another 88km, or for roughly three days. As with all Orrorsh happenings,
they arrive at their destination just before nightfall on the evening of the third day.

There are two new nightmares in this mission Strawhead and Kurst. We present all Strawhead’s secrets, and the heroes can successfully dispatch him. However, Kurst’s secrets are not revealed; the heroes simply encounter him in the first scene. He can either return during the final battle or as
a follow up mission later (at the GM’s discretion).

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