100 Hooks and Rumours for the Blight Artist’s Quarter (Lost Lands)

This supplement has 100 rumours that characters could hear in or about the Artist’s Quarter of Castorhage, also called the Blight, of the Lost Lands setting. They could hear these rumours whilst asking around for other information, or stumble across them in other ways. Whether or not a rumour is true, false or somewhere in between is up to the GameMaster. The rumours can be used as a source of background colour, misinformation or as potential adventure hooks.

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Here are some sample results

  • The Artist’s Quarter’s Winter Garden is allegedly open to all visitors on the days of certain religious festivals, but there are constant questions as to whether or not it does open on such days, or whether those are the only days it opens. Given that the gardens are in a state of serious disrepair, it isn’t as if there are many people truly interested in visiting.
  • The asylums of the Blight contain people who claim to have been in the Spiral Fable. It’s rumoured that sometimes all those who claim this suddenly speak as if they are one voice, with one mind behind them, leading to suggestions that perhaps those who have escaped the Fable have not in truth done so, but been released to be the Fable’s bodies outside Between.
  • The Broken Back Theatre in the Artist’s Quarter is a place where all manner of entertainments take place, some comparatively normal, others definitely not. It’s rumoured that even stranger entertainments will be shown for those who have the money to pay for such.
  • The Broken Bridge in the Artist’s Quarter has fallen in two, but is still used, linked by ropes and swaying timbers. It’s said that the condition of the bridge has been deteriorating recently, and some think this may be deliberate as someone is trying to destroy it. However, attempts are being made to keep on top of the damage.
  • The Cage is one of the more disturbing shows in the Artist’s Quarter, yet it still manages to remain both popular and untouched, even though more than a few would be happy to see the place closed down. It’s rumoured that efforts to shut down the Cage are made on a regular basis, but these always fall afoul of something.

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