35×20 Battlemap Dragon Pass

Dragon Pass

A steep and dangerous serpentine steeplechase descends into a narrow ravine cut by a rapid stream. A long neglected bridge over rushing waters has long since collapsed. This map is perfect for ambushes, flying enemies, and desperate chases.

A full size preview of the battlemap. Steep rocky slopes twist downward towards a valley floor where a broken bridge crumbles into a fast river.

Adventure Seed

An army at your backs, your rush across skittering, loose stone to find to your chagrin that the old neglected bridge has finally collapsed. With a dangerous leap and another imposing climb ahead of you, exhausted, you turn to make your stand.

A zoomed in portion of the map showing a collapsed, rotten wooden bridge over a fast moving river

A zoomed in portion of the map showing serpentine cliff edges that wind down to the valley floor below

A zoomed in portion of the map showing a steep, rocky climb on the right side of the map


A printable 35×20 battlemap for personal use, compatible with any RPG system, as well as Virtual Tabletops (VTTs) such as Owlbear, Foundry, and Roll20.

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