5E Foes Celtic Bestiary

Go back to where it all began!

Before there was the banshee, barghest, and will o’ wisp there was the bean sidhe, barguest, and canwyll corph. Dive deep into the six Celtic regions that inspired so much of fantasy folklore. These are the lands of fey, giants, and hags.

These 167 monsters include 65 fey, 22 monstrosities, 22 undead, 14 fiends, eight giants, six humanoids, six aberrations, three celestials, three plants, one elemental, one ooze, and a beast (the highland cow). Challenge ratings range from 1/4 (aderyn y corph) to 30 (stoor dragon). They’re not all foes either 14 of the creatures can bond with heroes, 11 can serve as mounts, and seven can act as their familiars.

Watch the loch, leave milk out for the fey, and mind the crossroads!

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