Crawl! fanzine no.13


The really, really, long awaited return of Crawl!

Crawl! no.13 Deathmatch!

An adventure and toolkit for running a DEATHMATCH!—A deadly game that will test the mind and bodies of unwilling (or willing?) adventurers trapped in some mad power’s twisted realm.


  • Running a DEATHMATCH — rules, tips, and how to.
  • Introduction to a POINTCRAWL — modular and quick reference style maps.
  • and the DANGER DIE — a loaded encounter die to determine room states and other conditions.
  • CRAWL DM1 Beyond the Doomed Gates — a pointcrawl adventure location where it will all go down. The dungeon features Portals! Traps! Hazards! Powerful Weapons! Runes of Power! and more!
  • Plus! a bunch of random tables to help stock deathmatch dungeons of your own design.

VTT friendly maps, icons, and printable artifact cards also included.

Written byRev Dak J Ultimak

Art and Icons byMario T

Edited byBrad Littman

About Crawl! fanzine

Crawl! fanzine is a zine for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. It’s made by fans, for fans, in the classic style of punk rock zines found in record shops and info shops.

Now available as a PDF Digital Edition!

The zine was formerly available only as a printed, folded & stapled product. Each issue will continue to be locally printed and snail mailed and available at select FLGSs. That tradition will continue, as that is the zines’ main point and charm. Paper is expensive, but nothing beats a physical book in your hands full of useful stuff to make your game awesome at the table. Physical copies can still be purchased directly from

Each creation, submission, art & what not, belongs to their respective artists & authors. Credits and contact information will be made available for each contribution. If you would like to include, copy or use a derivative of the work you find in Crawl! please contact the original creator.

Crawl! is created to support the DCC RPG and its community of players and judges. This also includes publishers and developers that support DCC RPG. Contact for more info.

Some Generous Reviews!

  • “…one issue is often enough to weed out the good from the not so good…Crawl! is most certainly in the good column.” Tenkar’s Tavern
  • “Issue #1 starts with a hilarious twist…This is just the sort of gaming quirk that makes collector history.” A forum review on
  • “This is the epitome of cool. I love the old school style ‘zines and Dak has done a great job with the first issue.” The Borderlands
  • “…the usefulness of this material is going to vary depending upon your needs, but all of the content is top quality.” The Earthlight Academy
  • “Running contrary to the classic zine aesthetic, Crawl! is a well designed little book.” Save vs. Total Party Kill
  • “Crawl(!) in my opinion is the Maximum Rock and Roll of gaming mags. Pick it up and check it out.” Hex Generation
  • “I can’t stress this enough if you’re playing DCC RPG and not getting Crawl!, you’re really missing out.” The Earthlight Academy
  • “If you play the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, you should check Crawl! out if you have not already.” Iron Tavern
  • And Raven Crowking writes a brief rundown of the first few issues Raven Crowking

This product is based on the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game, published by Goodman Games. This product is published under license. Dungeon Crawl Classics and DCC RPG are trademarks of Good­man Games. All rights reserved. For additional infor­mation, contact info@goodman

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