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We visited this famous library in the heart of New York. One of the largest in the country, along with the one on the Miskatonic campus in Arkham. We were looking for a book on the various cults related to our business… It was hard to find useful information, and to be honest, we spent all day there. Then came the moment when, from book to book, I finally got my hands on the coveted object.
Its antique leather cover felt warm as I held it in my hand, and most of the text seemed indecipherable. Yet I persisted…
I hadn’t realized it, but all around me, the lights had gone out. A thin layer of fog had crept in, and soon I couldn’t see the end of the shelf.

A Public Library is largely inspired by the Rose Reading Room in New York Public Library.

Several variations as usual
Entire Place
With or without chandeliers

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