Darion’s Dockside Wearhouse Tomebinder’s Gloves

Uncover Hidden Secrets at Darion’s Dockside Wearhouse!

Discover the gateway to arcane enlightenment at Darion’s Dockside Wearhouse—a realm of mystical treasures for the discerning seeker. Our latest addition, the extraordinary Tomebinder’s Gloves, awaits those who crave deeper insights into ancient tomes, manuscripts, and arcane texts. These intricately designed gloves are not just a fashion statement—they’re a conduit to enhanced scholarly prowess. When attuned, they empower you with a +2 bonus to Intelligence (Investigation) checks, specifically when deciphering and comprehending concealed knowledge within the pages of history. To claim your pair, journey to the back door of the wearhouse, knock twice, and wait—ensuring no one follows your path. Dare to step into the realm of the arcane—only at Darion’s Dockside Wearhouse!

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