Druid Subclass Circle of the Spiritwood

Circle of the Spiritwood

The Circle of the Spiritwood is made of botanical sages, arborists, and those who love the things that grow. Their great passion and link with the land lies in the Flora, not the Fauna, and in particular the Trees. They are reclusive, tending to keep to the wild forests and jungles, where the thorns grow thick, and the wildlife lives in constant shadow of the plants. They play host to a magical plant called a Spirit Vine, which connects them with nature and provides them with abilities and strength when they need it. The vine often extends from their heads and shoulders as antler like growths, adorned with leaves and sometimes flowers.

As a DRuid of the Circle of the Spiritwood, you will be able to channel the Spirit of the Oak, Spirit of the Ivy, or Spirit of the Briar as a special use of your Wildshape. Wreath yourself in a wooden effigy of the forest, and smite your foes beneath your bulk as the Spirit of the Oak. Wrap yourself in vines, climb effortlessly, and restrain your foes with the Spirit of the Ivy. Choke your space with great gouging creeper and enclose yourself in a tangled thickets of dagger like thorns with the Spirit of the Briar.

This subclass for the Druid in Dungeons and Dragons; 5th Edition is designed to embody the druids affinity with the plants over their love of animals.

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