Hodlers and Behodlers

Hodlers and Behodlers Journey into a realm where magic meets the algorithm. In a groundbreaking blend of arcane traditions and innovative paradigms, explore the revolutionary art of Cryptomancy. Uncover the mysteries of the Arcane Slotchain and the power of Arcana Coins. Dive deep into the world of Hodlers, visionaries of magic’s future, and Behodlers, the ever watchful critics.


  • Introduce the revolutionary practice of Cryptomancy into your campaigns.
  • Engage with the Arcane Slotchain and harness the power of Arcana Coins.
  • Encounter new races, spells, and magical items, breathing fresh life into your adventures.
  • Roleplaying options to spice up your games with unique allies, enemies, and challenges.

Join us in a tale of ambition, caution, and the future of magic. Perfect for both players and dungeonmasters, this evolving document promises to challenge and enrich your gaming experience.

Feel free to provide feedback; your insights will help shape future versions.

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