Malidrex Manual of Maxxia

Discover the enigma of a timeless sphere.

In a galaxy distantly removed from the familiar realms of space and time, lies Maxxia, a Dyson Sphere of monumental proportions. A world vast beyond comprehension, its surface conceals layers upon layers of ancient history, stretching across eons. Yet its vastness hides mysteries not just of ancient empires, but questions about humanity’s inexplicable presence amidst its myriad wonders.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jack Vance’s “The Dying Earth,” the expansive universe of Warhammer 40k, and the profound writings of Isaac Asimov, Maxxia is a marriage of fantasy, science fiction, and cosmic horror. Here, the remnants of ancient AI overlords, elder evils, and post apocalyptic relics intermingle with classic fantasy races like dark elves, dwarves, and mindflayers. And beyond them, entities birthed from advanced nanotechnologies, or those twisted by age old viruses roam, alongside robots bearing the legacy of civilizations lost to time.

Embark on a journey that will take you from Maxxia’s sprawling surface, to the darkened caverns of the Underlands, down to the eldritch passages of the Elder Ruins, and further still to the heart of the once glorious Planar Imperium in the Techno Dome. Brave the perils of the Magi Tech Ruins, and gaze upon the Black Star Lands, where the formidable sorcerer kings reign and the looming singularity of a black hole paints the horizon. High above, the gods themselves watch from their floating island kingdoms.

Divided meticulously into four parts

1. Explore the Surface and Its Realms, from its diverse geography to the many factions vying for power.
2. Delve deep Beneath Maxxia, unearthing layers of mystery, from the Underlands to the Black Star Lands.
3. Ascend to the Floating Islands, and unravel the divine politics amidst the Kingdoms of the Gods.
4. Travel through a selection of Maxxia’s 100 regions, from the intriguing Animal’s Country to the enigmatic Woman’s Kingdom of the Codex.

Supplemented with appendices detailing essential terms, key NPCs, and a vast array of artifacts, “Malidrex Manual of Maxxia” is not just a guide, but a gateway to countless tales waiting to be forged.

Whether you’re an explorer eager to traverse unknown terrains, a historian piecing together cosmic epochs, or a hero destined to shape Maxxia’s future, this manual is your indomitable companion. Embrace the legacy of Maxxia and shape its destiny.

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