Path of The Shonen Barbarian Subclass

Become Death, Destructer of Worlds with this Oppenheimer Inspired Nuclear Artificer!

Those who follow the path of the Shonen are promised to a grandiose destiny. Through unyielding tenacity and unwavering passion, they surge beyond their limits, defying the odds that bind mere mortals. Every clash becomes an affirmation of their unbreakable will, every challenge a stepping stone to ascendancy. With each battle cry, they transform struggle into strength, adversity into ascendancy. For within their blazing souls burns a fervor that transcends the ordinary, embodying the relentless force of evolution itself..

Subclass Features

Power of Friendship, Willpower, Power Up, Elaborate Monologue, True Potential

Easy to implement

Follows Standart Subclass Progression


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