The Galactic Junk Dealer’s Inventory, Vol. 8

The Galactic Junk Dealer’s Inventory, Volume 8

Numerous junk dealers peddle their filthy, corroded wares in the seedy market squares of crowded spaceport cities. These booths tend to be loaded down with a wide assortment of salvaged goods… practically anything that has any sort of worth to someone can be found here.

This pdf features a dozen different items that a star age junk dealer might be offering up for sale. Many of these items may also be useful when determining what might be found on a salvage ship, in a galactic scrap yard, or laying about in an abandoned settlement. Each entry provides the item name/type, the general interest/use, the trade value of the item (per 1 unit), and the weight (per 1 unit). The entries also provide the total quantity of such items that the junk dealer will likely have on hand at any given time as well as a description.

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