The Lodestar 5E Class

The human walks under the moonlight, a small star floating by her side. She waves her hand, and the star flies ahead before turning to face her. A prismatic light pours out from the star bathing her in cosmic magic and invigorating her for what comes next. The human rushes forward, bolstered with enhanced speed as she calls upon her lunar guide to envelop the hostile creatures before her.

The adventuring party rushes down the corridor as dozens of goblins follow in pursuit. Badly wounded and needing respite, the weary dwarf calls upon his star guide. A small floating star materializes next to the dwarf before emitting a cascading prismatic light across the adventuring party. As the light illuminates the group, their wounds begin to heal. With a deep breath, the adventuring party turns back to face the coming onslaught. Thankfully, the prismatic light continues to shine brightly, providing aid pulled from the cosmos above.

Lodestars call upon their cosmic guide to summon and control a harmonizing star. These small floating stars are an adaptive tool from the heavens used to manage the battlefield, bolster their allies and punish their foes. As a Lodestar coordinates with its harmonizing star, it strategically shines its cone of light and acts as a shimmering beacon in the darkest depths of Erenel.

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