The Scholar 5E Class

Holding a prominent journal brimming with loose parchment, the Elf examines the ferocious Gnoll from behind armor clad companions. Before her party can strike, the Elf shouts and points at a weak point in the Gnoll’s armor. Her companion smirk in triumphant, landing powerful blows thanks to the Elf’s analysis.

The young human checks his work before beginning his lesson and prepares to teach his fellow companions the finer nuances of moving with stealth. After a quick lesson, the group quietly navigates the ruined chapel’s dark corridors. Rushing across the battlefield holding a medical bag, the Aves ducks under the giant’s blow before approaching her unconscious Draconic companion. After quickly diagnosing and applying first aid, the Draconic is back on her feet, ready for round two against the raging giant.

The Scholar class is a prominent support class, defined and united by helping their companions. Many who take up a life of academics dedicate their mind to unraveling the mysteries of the world. However, their intellectual efforts can only expand so far in a classroom and laboratory. To truly take the next step, the scholar understands the most effective path for higher education is the adventuring life. Books and vials in the safety of a university are no match for field experience.

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