The Technomancer’s Tower

A white brick tower looms in the distance, alone in a sea of green trees. Strange mechanisms wrap the body of the tower and provide a steady hum as you approach. Could this be where the townsfolk have been disappearing?

You approach and find the front door unlocked. Walking inside, a door slams then disappears, and you find yourself the next victim. A mouse in a trap designed by a delusional wizard.

Will your party become the heroes and escape the tower, or will they fall to the Wizard’s constructs and puzzles? What secrets lie here in the Technomancer’s Tower?


This adventure is designed for level 3 heroes and is designed to offer a fun take on a dungeon crawl experience. With a neutral setting, this module fits into an existing campaign or you can run it as a one shot adventure. Characters are trapped inside the tower and will need to work their way through tricky puzzles and survive mechanical monstrosities to escape. Meanwhile, they’ll also be discovering the tragic tale of the wizard inside.


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