Untold Subclasses Haunting Entity (Warlock Patron)

What do I get?

  • One new Warlock Patron Subclass the Haunting Entity.
  • One new Warlock Pact Pact of the Vessel Featuring 3 new pact specific Invocations.
  • Four new Spells suitable for inclusion in the Warlock Spell List or as Warlock Mystic Arcana.
  • One new NPC statblock for a Haunted Warlock.
  • Suggestions on how to use these materials.

A warlock patron evoking the feeling of a guardian spirit or possessing entity. For this warlock the relationship with their patron is definitely up close and personal.

Some warlock patrons are lofty beings who may not even be aware that the warlock even exists, or if they are may be happy with their warlock operating at arms length. Not so the haunting entity. Weaker in power than most warlock patrons, it is only the patron spirit’s physical and emotional closeness to the warlock that allows them to access their magical powers.

When you choose this patron, a powerful invisible disembodied entity, whether a ghost or some other non physical being, haunts your every step and your powers stem from your own soul’s contact with their incorporeal proximity. They hover around you, but their link to your plane is incomplete and they influence the corporeal world only through you. Creatures who can see into the border ethereal may become aware of your patron’s ghostly presence.

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