Your 2 Minute August Update

You there – Happy August! What fun we’ve had this past month, what with all the traveling and all the mapping and all the writing and tokens and other art. My wife and I are still honeymooning, but everything just keeps spinning thanks to our small but amazing team. 🙂

So, allow me to list out all the cool stuff this amazing team has made this July:

Besides maps and tokens, Garm and Troy wrote up the following resources:

We also finalized our Dungeondraft template with these new packs and the ball is now rolling on the rest of our backlog. I had to press pause on it in order to finish my Farmer’s Fields, but now it’s back at the top of my list! Watch for that update notification.

Before leaving on our honeymoon I stowed this line art away to work on as I went, so here is a sneak-peek at a section of my next project…

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