Banished Burgeoning

This 3rd level adventure takes your party on a wild goose chase to find the local hellion child only to find she’s been frozen in stone. They soon learn they’ve got bigger problems. A hooknosed feywild denizen has been released from his child’s book prison. Now that he’s free, he’s got a compulsion to proliferate the fungal colony of his myconid master. Will your party answer the call, or is Daggerford doomed to be ground zero for the Wisewither’s puppet empire.

Banished Burgeoning is the first episode of the Darker Days series. Cackla Dessa, an unseelie archfey, has set a game in motion that these adventurers are unwittingly playing. A series of seemingly unrelated events leads them to realize that they were pawns all along.

Though originally set in Daggerford of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, this story can take place in any campaign where a library might be available.

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