tulgeygyring and gimbling in the wabe

What are the Lioness and the Unicorn actuallyfighting about? Why does the White King hold court in a dungeon? And doesn’t Director Humpty believe in railings?

New neologisms and borrowed expressions are sprinkled throughout The High Weald of Wabe, or just the Wabe to its citizens. Travellers can continue their quest to meet the Jabberwock, or they can take up any number of causes on behalf of 4 competing factions.

This is the second installment of Tulgey, an Alice in Wonderland inspired setting and adventure(s) for the Cairn and OSR systems. (The first forever free zine ishere) The Jabberwock isstill beyondthe scope of this zine! But there is room for creatures slithy and mimsy!


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