Alternate Fighter Class v3.0.0 Public Update!

After a year in the making, I am very excited (and a little nervous) to share the 3.0.0 version of my Alternate Fighter Class! This is just the beginning of a massive update to my series of Alternate Martial Classes.



Design Goals. While the Player’s Handbook Fighter isn’t “underpowered”, I’ve always felt that it was a bit bland in play. To solve this, I’ve readjusted a few of the base class features, added the Battle Master Archetype into the base class, and rebalanced the Fighter around a system I call Martial Exploits.

Martial Exploits. Based on the short-rest resource of Exploit Dice, Martial Exploits allow your Fighter to feel like a true master of battle. Disarm your foes, employ tactics and strategy, and defend you allies in combat! Exploits also give your Fighter meaningful ways to contribute outside of combat ~~gasp~~!

Rebalanced Class Features. To make room for Exploits in the “budget”, Action Surge has been moved back to 6th level (also helps deter multiclassing dips), and the “bonus” Ability Score Increase at 6th level has been cut. Extra Attack scales at the same level as cantrips (5th/11th/17th), and most importantly, Indomitable is now just Legendary Resistance!

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