Burgundia Arsenal

Within the clandestine world of Burgundia, the pursuit of excellence demands an array of weaponry, equipment, and diverse supplies. With these, your team will confront the evolving threats that define their profession. In the Arsenal Compilation, we present a new compendium that amplifies the tools available to both agents and their adversaries.

Advanced Rules for Thrilling High Speed Pursuits
Navigate heart pounding, high stakes vehicle chases with precision and finesse using these expanded rules. You will experience the adrenaline of the chase as your team engages in pursuts or evades adversaries through city streets, winding highways, and other treacherous terrain.

Revised Specifications for Core Vehicles
Updated and refined, the essential vehicles used by Nachtrichter agents received a comprehensive makeover. Enjoy enhanced performance, improved capabilities, and the latest in period technology.

Inclusion of New Vehicles
Drive into a treasure trove of new vehicles sourced from our archive of previously published modules. This resource injects fresh dynamics into your missions, ensuring that every operation is a unique and exhilarating experience.

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