Do you have a little itch at the back of your mind you just can’t scratch? Feeling not quite like yourself? Are you hearing voices that aren’t really there? Is there an urge to crack open your party barbarian’s skull and tickle what little bit of gray matter it may contain?

Then you may be suffering from early symptoms of Ceremorphosis, an affliction of the mind from a brain eating parasite colloquially known as a tadpole. Read this booklet to learn more about this life altering condition and how it may affect you and the lives of those you love.

Within this 21 page PDF, you’ll find player options like a Ceremorph lineage, psionically charged feats and spells, and new magic items to bring out the best qualities of your favorite tentacular creatures. You’ll also find new treats for the DM, like a ceremorph template to apply to any existing stat block, 10 affected (or affecting!) creatures, and special expanded details about applying the curse of the ceremorph to your party’s characters.

Ceremorph as a Curse and Ceremorph Template

Overmind and Phase Flayling

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