d12 Monthly Issue 27 Random Encounters Issue

This is issue 27 of the successful zine, d12 Monthly. This issue is all about Random Encounters.

A zine for fans of the longest running roleplaying game, or any fantasy TTRPG, in the same vein as the roleplaying magazines of old.

You will find articles intended to spur on ideas for your own campaign.

These zine are available free from my website, but this is a way you can have all your TTRPG stuff in one place and help support me and my work.

This issue contains the following

Roll ‘Em– An article giving you options around checking for random encounters.

All Dice Under The Sun– A look at all the various ways you can roll to see what is encountered. Lots of different tables to use!

Random Monster Encounters– A closer look at the exploding die method of generating multiple encounter tables.

Wilderness Zone– Showcases a way you can make your wilderness just as deadly as your dungeons by using zones.

2D6 Tables– A deep dive into using 2D6 for encounter tables.

An Interview– with Jon from Tale of the Manticore podcast.

New Monster– You monster of the month is the Thud an ever ravenous, hairy, potato shaped underground dwelling humanoids who act only to fill their bellies.

I Search the Body– Treasure tables from the creature’s perspective.

And much more!

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