Eberron Oracle of War 03 Where the Dead Wait Battle Maps DM Supplement for DDAL EB 03

Eberron Oracle of War 03 Where the Dead Wait Battle Maps and Animated Zombie Tokens DM Supplement for DDAL EB 03

Are you running Eberron Oracle of War? Your players can become fully immersed in the third adventure, Where the Dead Wait,with this set of animated zombie tokens and 4K resolution battle maps.

Spoilers (players, stop reading now)


“Oh no, we’re surrounded!” exclaimed the worried player. Will your party survive a zombie onslaught in the Mournland?

Use this battle map pack to facilitate your players’ journey through Oracle of War DDAL EB 03 Where the Dead Wait as they attempt to survive hoards of undead. The Fantasy Grounds module includes walls, line of sight, lights, and animated effects where applicable.



This supplement includes

  • Ambush Map In DDAL EB 03 Part 1, players must fight for their lives after being surrounded by undead in this valley below a cottage. This creepy map provides for an immersive experience.
  • Cottage Map Players will explore this cottage in DDAL EB 03 Part 2, Dead by Dawn. It includes animated effects layers like the music notes on the harpsichord and blood spray trap on the displacer beast trophy.
  • Cottage Cellar Map This cellar workshop was formerly a laboratory used to reanimate the dead. Your players may retreat to this space if the ground floor is overrun by undead!
  • Animated Zombie Tokens Includes a pog style token with ring and a top down zombie token. Animated tokens are WebM(V8) format. Non animated tokens are PNG format.


How to I change the zombie tokens for my zombie NPCs in Fantasy Grounds?Activate the module in Fantasy Grounds > Open Assets > Search “zombie” in the search bar > drag and drop the animated zombie token (or non animated zombie token) onto the NPC token in the NPC character sheet or Fantasy Grounds encounter.



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