Giver Class

Hello! This my first hombrew class and i am primarily looking for feedback on it. This class is an Intelligence based spellcaster that focuses mainly on support. If you ever wanted to play a spellcaster that wields a wicker basket and throws out elixirs and concotions to support your allies, as well as having the destructive power of evocation mages, this is for you.

There are 3 subclasses that diversify the roles that a Giver can take. The sublcasses are seperated into Damage weave of metal, Healing weave of flower, and Front line battler weave of devouring.

I would describe this class as being a midpoint between wizard, and druid, i opted for a mixed spell list that wasn’t precisely one role type because in my subclasses there are no additional spell lists, a decision i am still debating on.

Spellcasting is quite different for Givers, given how they are very intimtedly tied to their wicker baskets, you are required to hold your wicker basket in hand to cast any spells. please read the spellcasting section for more!

I tried to make it so every level you felt like you were getting something new i.e. higher level spell, feature, or ASI.

I will also note that this class doesn’t have much in the way of skills and language. I decided on this because Intelligence is tied to many skills, and Investigation is really multipurpose, if you desire utility, this class has a heavy focus on creating potions, food, and poisons. Talk with your DM about how you can make those mechanics more fleshed out in your campaign, as this class can benefit heavily from it.

This is a mixed class. The vision is that a Giver could not entirely replace any of the main classes, but support any class so they can focus on other aspects of their class.

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