More about Subject 2 47 B

Since we sort of dropped the rewards in one giant batch right at the start of the month, I’d like to do a few spotlight posts here and there. First up is Subject 2-47-B…

You might have noticed that this is a repackaging of last month’s Multiverse Monday releases. Something we’re trying out is having the Monday releases correspond into a cohesive set, also acting as something of a preview of the following month’s theme. So, each month, we’ll drop a collected set of the prior month’s Monday models (which will then include pre-supported and resin oriented versions too) to patrons at $5+.

The image above shows the full set printed FDM. They’re sitting in a “GridLock” format of the Maintenance Tunnels set, which is going to backers of the current Kickstarter. (You folks just got the “classic” format of that texture this month, which we’ll talk about more soon.)

– Dutchmogul

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