Whatu0027s coming this week at The Swamp


Well if you have been following since the first, I still need to make this new monster I am working on, or need to be working on it.

I have the last thing for one of the pre-gens for my DungeonLand adventure. So today I need to get those up and sent off.

There is lots of writing going down this week.

Monday: The Temptress level seven spells, and maybe start on level eight.

Tuesday: Pre-gens for The osr version of The Temple of Zeus. There are still at least 15 that I need to do.

Wednesday: It’s time to get a new adventure out. So it’s going to be 40 days and 40 nights. I am kind of starting over, I think I would like to have an adventure on every island, so the characters could be a higher level when they should up back at the main land.

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