Acid Wrath A Mystery for the Road…

It’s all over the press Coach Joe’s body was found mutilated on the Rambeau stadium renovation site, next to some old waste drums. Accident is currently the preferred explanation. And yet, a strange disease is falling on Black Fall Grove and the drumming of buffalo hooves is echoing through the night…

An adventure under the Creative Commons CC BY NC SA License.

A Mystery for the Road

A Mystery for the Road is a collection of 2 page adventures from the Hic Sunt Monstra collection for monster hunts in a modern world, like for use with Monster of the Week (copyrighted by Evil Hat Productions, LLC and Generic Games) by Michael Sands. These are non linear/free form adventures made to prepare for an impromptu play session. They’re toolboxes, inspiration boards, canvas with holes for players, PCs as well as MCs, to fill in for a one shot, to launch a Myth (campaign) or plug it in


A disclaimer about content that could trigger players.

A summary and a teaser.

A threat (Monster, Phenomenon, Artifact, etc.), possibly with its minions.

Specific moves to give life and generate weirdness.

A series of open ended questions to adapt the mystery to your myth.

A series of impressions to set the mood and emphasize the mystery theme, to create red herrings or the beginnings of other mysteries.

A descriptive list of extras and locations.

A countdown to escalate the situation and punctuate the rhythm of the mystery.

Illustrations in the form of annotated or blank Polaroids.

All under Creative Commons for the texts, or free use for the illustrations.

A Mystery for the Road is a spin off from Gulix’s eponymous collection, which was itself inspired by the Mystery Starters and Dungeon Starters for Monster of the Week and Dungeon World.

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