Codex Hex (Issue #48)

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A Culture of Play Conditions in The Between. Advanced Keeper advice for The Between.

Cutting Words. A new Trophy Gold incursion.The trail of devastation begins at Silver’s Coffee House in the opulent precincts of the Rose District. Rumor has it that many of the wealthy dilettantes and Paper District intellectuals who frequent Silver’s are involved with the publication of Cutting Words, but approaching them without a quick tongue may prove difficult. Enter the coffee house and learn what you can, but remember that speech cuts as keenly as a blade.

Inkeeyrn’s Illness. Inkeeryn’s Illness is a storytelling duet. One player plays someone who is afflicted, cursed, or hexed, and the other plays the affliction itself. Over the course of four rounds—representing childhood, young adult, middle years, and later yearsplayers take turns narrating about the person afflicted and the curse that torments them.The exact nature of the affliction—its effects, symptoms, and expressions—are determined by the players at the table.

Three Dozen Misfired Spells. A miscellany.

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