Facets of War The Call to Arms and The Drums of War

Facets of War The Call to Arms and The Drums of War is a supplement for the Pathfinder Second Edition Roleplaying Game.

Contest. Conflict. Combat.

The Facets line seeks to display glimpses and visions into the broad aspects of the world, the people that live in it, and the events that live through both.

The Armsmaster devotes themself to weaponry and hones their uses through the facets of their traits, bringing out an expanded use of their abilities. In tandem, they bring forth new action oriented feats to also expand on their strategies.

The Warmage combines martial prowess with new sorcerous abilities in order to bolster themself aginst their enemies.

The Skald class archetype allows the Bard class to conjure up the primal rage within themself and their allies, and they gain two new feats to wade into combat while chanting their compositions.

As the next shining facet finally reveals itself, why not ask ourselves a question? WHY NOT GIVE WAR A CHANCE?

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