Folly of the Fox

Tsarist Russia 1833 A Letun, an evil spirit long sealed away beneath the mountains near Grishinko, has been unleashed through the actions of a local hero. Its influence permeates the land, drawing in more victims to further open its prison.

Will the strange world where it holds court bleed unstaunched into ours, or will heroes seal it away forever?

Folly of the Fox is an OSR Adventure for Low Level Play. It features

  • Wilderness Exploration in the Russian countryside.
  • Intrigues that leap off the pages of Russian literature like Chechov, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Gogol, and Dostoevsky. From country aristocrats to the Tsar himself!
  • Two well jaquayed dungeons with forty rooms between them.

Thanks to Squeen who labored over this gorgeous cover art.

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