Heist Heist Baby!

In the bustling city of Waterdeep, a shadowy underworld criminal known as Valerius Nightshade seeks the ultimate prize the Heart of Ice, a priceless blue diamond. To secure this coveted gem, he assembles a team of skilled individuals, each with their own unique talents and secrets. Together, this team of rogues and misfits must overcome personal conflicts and trust issues to accomplish their daring mission. Will they succeed in their audacious heist, or will the secrets that bind them lead to their undoing?

Heist Heist Baby! is a one shot D&D 5e adventure designed for 4 6 level 6 players.


  • 4 6 hours of gameplay
  • How to assemble a heist team
  • Secrets to give to each player
  • 9 stat blocks for monsters/NPCs
  • 6 unique magical items
  • Traps and valuable items
  • A fiendish puzzle
  • Maps and Roll20 tokens


Heist Heist Baby! begins as the rag tag band of criminals assembles in the secret hideout of Valerius Nightshade. He explains the intricacies of the heist job, sharing valuable intelligence about the villa they intend to rob.

Under cover of darkness, the team traverses either the darkened rooftops or filthy sewers of Waterdeep to reach the villa. Once they have figured out how to get inside they need to navigate the treacherous halls and retrieve the gem.

The tension reaches its peak when they find the jewel and discover that they still have each other to contend with! Hidden agendas, conflicting loyalties and the lure of the ultimate prize threaten to tear the team apart. As tensions rise and trust falters, they must confront their own demons and decide whether their unity can withstand the allure of personal gain.

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This item is produced by Kelly Smith

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