Welcome toInsurgent, the action packed tabletop RPG that puts you and your friends at the heart of a thrilling rebellion against tyranny!

In this game, you’ll become a member of a group of rebels fighting against oppressive forces, with each mission potentially turning the tide in your favor. As you embark on daring adventures, you’ll create your own unique setting, deciding whether to battle in a fantastical realm, a modern city, or futuristic landscapes.

Insurgent’s action driven gameplay is fueled by a system that encourages imaginative and vivid descriptions of your every move. Will you bring down the iron fist of the oppressor and look good while doing it? The fate of the rebellion lies in your hands!



  • SOLO OR COOPPlay by yourself or with your friends, without the need of a Game Master
  • ZERO PREP AND LIGHTWEIGHTPick up and play, the core mechanic fits in one page
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGSCreate your own world, whether it be fantasy, modern, or futuristic, with the help of a myriad of random tables
  • FLAVORFUL SYSTEMExperience an evocativegame system that values colorful, cinematic descriptions of your actions. Look good while taking a stand against tyranny, showcasing your character’s flair and panache in the face of adversity.


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