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MAGI KNIGHTS AWAKENING is a tabletop roleplaying game with rules based on the 5th Edition SRD. The theme and mechanics were heavily inspired by Magical Girl and Sentai shows and video games, especially those that made their debut in the 1990s. In this core rulebook you will find the following

  • A unique take on the 5e system in a modern 1990s setting, with gameplay broken down into School, Free Time, Investigation, and Patrol Phases.
  • Rules for players to create magical heroes and for the Magic Keeper (GM) to create their Herald, a mysterious mentor from another dimension.
  • Team mechanics including Statistic Generation, Squadron Combinations, Formations, and Convincing Arguments to help enemies turn away from evil!
  • Innovative ways to gain Social Points with other players and NPCs that give Bond Abilities to help characters succeed in difficult situations.
  • An expanded attrition system which includes mechanics for Stress, Exhaustion, and tracking a character’s Corruption and Trauma Points.
  • Statistic blocks forCthulhu mythos inspired enemiesand detailed rules on how to create your own.
  • A hand drawn map of Lapis City, labeled locations with named NPCs, and a plethora of gorgeous anime artwork from artists all over the world!
Magi Knights Awakening logo and characters
Magi Knights Awakening was designed by Derek Salgy and published by Magi Knights Project!
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