Out of the Maw

‘Out of the Maw’ is Spellscribe Games’ first foray into professional Homebrew. It’s a 184 page book, designed for 5th Edition full of creatures, magic items, spells, a Warlock subclass, a Fighter Subclass, 2 adventures, twisted tables and more, all designed around an entity from beyond the stars known as The Hungering Maw.

Almost everything contained within these pages has been crafted and refined over years of real playtesting in our home games, ensuring a fun and balanced resource for DMs and players alike to enjoy!


‘Out of the Maw’ is first and foremost a Monster Manual. Our original desire was to bolster the ranks of aberrations in the depths of 5E’s creature selection and with 25 brand new horrors to unleash, ranging from CR 1/4 all the way up to CR 30, there’s a new nightmare to challenge parties at every level!

If that wasn’t enough we’ve also started a cult, as one does. 5 new humanoid cultists await, each with unique and fun abilities awaits to challenge players in social encounters and keep them on their toes.

Random Encounters & Twisted Tables

‘Out of the Maw’ contains several random encounter tables to challenge parties as they journey through the world. From preposterous pranksters performing on precarious platforms to caustic convicts carrying corroded collars, there is plenty of variety to ensure everyone at the table is entertained and invested from level 1 all the way up to 16.

We have also developed 4 ‘Twisted Tables’ with effects that mutate and alter the world. With just a few die rolls, a bountiful forest full of wildlife can be transformed into a foul swamp emitting hallucinogenic mist where squirrels covered in eyes stare unnervingly from atop tentacle like tree branches.


30 brand new spells, ranging from simple cantrips to 10th level high magic (yes 10th level) can be cast by those brave enough to delve into the knowledge of The Hungering Maw. Characters can learn how to Bisect Vitality, Consume Magic, Warp Flesh, Purge Corruption and more!

Magic Items

The Hungering Maw has corrupted countless worlds already, and along the way it has amassed a collection of magic items that it’s deemed useful for further conquest. 25 such items have found their way onto the prime material plane and many can be found carried by the Hungering Maw’s minions.

There are also faded records hinting at the existence of powerful weapons once belonging to champions of good from other worlds. Now twisted into vile reflections of what they once were, anyone brave enough to recover such weapons may be able to reverse this perversion and wield these as symbols of hope once more.

Warlock of the Everchanging One

Change is a fundamental force of the universe, and Warlocks of the Everchanging One embody this principle with every malleable bone in their body. Everchanging Warlocks can turn their flesh to steel, leap long distances, take on the visage of other creatures, share their transformative gifts with allies and may one day grow strong enough to become a vessel for their patron, granting them unparalleled shapeshifting abilities!

As their power grows, they can choose from among 4 new Eldritch Invocations to gain abilities such as ripping secrets from weaker minds and taking on unique features of their familiar.

Living Weapon Fighter

Whether by magic

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