{Roll20} Unearthed Spoils #006 Blasphemous Undead



The undead rise from their graves; skeletal visages embody an eternal defiance against mortality. With haunting allure and epic tales of cursed destinies, they beckon heroes to relentlessly face their deepest fears.

Unearthed Spoils #006 Blasphemous Undeadcontains the following content

  • OATH OF THE GRAVE These paladins engage in the unending battle against legions of relentless undead, with a duty to preserve the balance between life and death.
  • SCHOOL OF THE DEPARTED Ethereal Wizards who value forbidden knowledge and forgotten rituals above all else.
  • BACKGROUND LOST SOUL Deja vu? Seems more likely that you’ve just experienced this in a past life.
  • DESECRATED SPELLS A collection of foul incantations that draw upon the macabre powers of evil.
  • UNVEILED MAGIC ITEMS These relics should help you ward off the undead… Hopefully!
  • THE DEAD ARE RISING The relentless dead can’t be stopped; slay one foe, and three more take its place!
  • 11th LEVEL ADVENTURE Thwart the Crypt Cultists in their attempt to bind a great evil beneath the sands in this undead adventure for four to six players.







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