Spare Parts | 5E Adventure

Spare Parts is a short adventure designed for five 8th level characters. Scaling suggestions are provided for stronger or weaker parties.

This adventure is a sandbox style adventure, with no set linear frame for the characters to follow. We recommend reading the adventure at least once before running it.

The port city of New Shard is the perfect place for entrepreneurs. Cantar, a gnome necromancer, decided to set herself up as a supplier of flesh golems to a city that didn’t know it needed them. Pothu, manager of Nolu Arena, a small venue known for hosting blood sport, was very interested in a venture that would increase seats at bouts. As a result, after a chance meeting with a disguised Cantar, the two became business partners.

Flesh golems don’t spring out of thin air, however, so the ever enterprising Cantar started a side business selling life insurance with the rider that she gets the body after the policy holder dies. Things have gone well; in fact, Cantar has just collected on a policy.

NOTE This adventure also appears in the adventure anthology Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold.

Spare Parts

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