Swords of Meropis And the Wretched Blood of the Undying Witchgod

Take on the role of a swordbound, a warrior, mercenary, and hero who protect’s humanity’s lost children against the massive Sangui, the ferocious children of the Witchgod, and far more! Meropis is a mystical land, where the Goddesses, Fates, and monsters cause many to wash ashore, never to return to their homelands of Ionia.

Here they have carved out a new home, amid giant monsters, ferocious Meropes, Titan spawn and more!

Gorgeously illustrated by Rick Hershey, and featuring a new die system and setting by Alan Bahr,SWORDS OF MEROPIS is a complete roleplaying game, featuring the following

  • a complete d12+d# ruleset for creating sword and sandal heroes
  • bestiary
  • a setting primer
  • complete solo rules
  • Odyssey inspired naval hexcrawl rules
  • rules for journeys to the Underworld
  • gorgeous black and white art by Rick Hershey

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This item is produced by Gallant Knight Games

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