The Curse of Whispering Pines A Monster of the Week Mystery

The small town of Whispering Pines was once a picturesque site along winding state roads where city folks would drive up to take photos of the fall colors as the dense forest trees turned in the autumn. In recent years, however, strange occurrences and disappearances have left the otherwise peaceful town plagued by a sense of unease.

A popular ghost hunting blogger recently went missing after saying he was going to follow up on some of the rumors he had heard about the town and hasn’t been heard from since leaving on his trip, leading people to suspect the rumors might be true.

A standalone game written by Anya (La Lionne Publishing) that can be played as either a one shot or be inserted into an ongoing MotW campaign!

For use with Monster of the Week by Michael Sands.

Monster of the Week is copyrighted by Evil Hat Productions, LLC and Generic Games.

Cover image László Mednyánszky, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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