The Spellbinder 5E Class

A human mutters a short incantation before letting loose a ball of fire at the pack of goblins rushing from their cavernous fortress. As the fireball erupts melting the goblins, the human’s two handed greatsword flashes, absorbing the magical essence lingering from the spell. She steps forward, bringing the now empowered greatsword down upon the hobgoblin chieftain’s head with a burst of force energy.

The nimble Rusco dashes across the hellish pits toward the hideous Bone Devil as battle wages around him. He concentrates, opening his hand wide, and in an instant, his spectral blue longsword appears in his hand as he drives the blade into the Bone Devil’s back. The Bone Devil roars, turning toward the Rusco only to discover the attacker has rift stepped away to safety. These magical warriors are Spellbinders, combatants that blend magic and martial prowess. Whether the Spellbinder follows the tradition of avenger, rift walker, or sentinel, their knowledge of the arcane and battle discipline set them apart on the battlefield.

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