Tribe of the Wolf Totem A Seabound 5th Edition Mystery

When a werewolf king disappears, it makes waves all throughout this reclusive island realm. Now the hunt is on, and the changing tides bring more than just swells from the seas.

Tribe of the Wolf Totem is an all inclusive sea faring quest for 3 6 6th Level Players in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. The book contains an open world adventure with designated mystery hooks, alliances and over arching story climaxes. Jump aboard this game as an introductory adventure, or as a continuation of your home campaign.

Content Warning This adventure includes transformation imagery, madness and loss of bodily autonomy, blood, viscera, child and animal endangerment, and alcohol use.

What’s Inside?

  • A High Seas One Shot Campaign!
  • New Monsters and Backgrounds!
  • Custom Character Backgrounds!
  • An All New Port City Setting!
  • An Ocean of Possibilities!

Also Contains…

  • Ways of incorporating Ghosts of Saltmarsh Factions
  • Unique Character Hooks, Motivators, and Creatures
  • In World Game Clocks and Campaign Continuations
  • Setting Agnostic Region with Inclusive Maps & Customs

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