Welcome to Briarwood!

Hello folks!
I just wanted to drop a first look at the entrance to the small town of Briarwood. You can approach the town via the Old Forest road or via Willowbank Ferry. In the town you’ll be able to find food, drink, and rest at the Leaping Frog Inn.

There will be several small dwellings to fill in the town as well as the Leaping Frog Inn.
I have already begun the block out for the Inn as well as work for the gate as you can see above. There will also be a little ferry and watchman’s hut. Again, I aim to have some inhabitants for the town as well.

I’ll update you as I have more of the blockout completed!

Love it, great work

Thank you!

Ok, I’m back onboard!! Leaping Frog Inn when?? 🐸💫