How To DM, No Worldbuilding, No Random Tables, Just Running a Session


So many DMing books cover worldbuilding, as if that’s the only thing a DM does. Other DM support books are nothing but random tables. Both of these are important, especially if you’re only running homebrew adventures and/or already have experience.

But what if you’re a brand new DM and/or run published adventures?

Well, here’s that book.

This starts with the four primary rules that all DMs should abide by, runs through combat, prepping for your first session, running that session, the importance of “Session 0”, and more. And it ends with “Voices and Ham Acting”, which just makes everything more fun.

This is primarily a beginner DM’s book. But there’s plenty in here for experienced DMs, too.

May you find a few gems in here that may change your gaming experience for the better!

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