Roll Monster HP with Handicap (Excel)

Have you ever wanted to use an interesting boss but it was too tough for the party? Do you need to make sure a certain monster has enough HP for a solo encounter? Has there been a time where you wished for a minion version of a creature?

Well this excel file will help you not just roll a monster’s HP, but also infuence it positively or negatively, thanks to the Handicap feature. If a monster has 10 Hit Dice for its HP formula, and you put the Handicap at 5, then the program will roll 10 + 5 = 15 Hit Dice but and take the top 10 rolls for the HP, increasing the likelyhood that the monster rolls a higher HP value than average! if you put 5 for the Handicap value, then it will also roll 15 Hit Dice, but take the bottom 10 rolls instead for the HP, increasing the likelyhood that it rolls lower than average for the HP.

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This item is produced by Salem Mage Crafts

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