The Last Hand

Test print of The Last Hand. The final version will have fewer spelling errors and the finalized text. Cards and Poker Chips not included.

Turns out Father Jenkins was right with all his doomsayin’ about the end of the world.

Seems like the rapture was more fiery in his sermons, but whatever’s out there sure as Hell feels like It’s punishin’ us. Not sure what It is, but somethin’ lurking in town has been killin’ most that cross Its path and drivin’ those It don’t to join in the hunt.

Nobody that’s seen It survives, or at least not as the same person they were. Them that don’t die become Its servants, lyin’ and manipulatin’ folks into going out and meetin’ the same damned fate. No way to avoid it s’far as we can tell. We’re just delaying the inevitable.

We got a few people holed up in the church, using it as a safe house. Been a few days since It came. We got food an’ water for now, but soon we’re gonna have to go outside. Pump more water from the well, find whatever food ain’t rotted in the general store.

Some folks are bein’ optimistic, sayin’ God’ll save us. We just have to wait It out. Other folks are thinkin’ these might be our last few moments in this here world. I guess all we can do is try to survive and find out who’s right.

Each day that passes makes me think the odds ain’t in God’s favor.


The Last Hand A Horror Role Playing Game is a standalone, GM less, no prep RPG for 2 to 6 players intended for a single session of play.

Taking on the role of struggling survivors, you must work together to escape an unknown horror that slowly reveals Its true nature as It pursues you, while hedging your bets to be the one to make it out alive during the Last Hand.

Emulating aspects of Texas Hold ‘Em, you will take turns as the Dealer leading scenes, deciding how the cards affect the story, and adding details to the creature to realize what has been released upon the world.

The game facilitates the combination of warranted distrust and obligatory cooperation that is a staple of the horror genre. You can survive, but you must work together and there will likely be casualties.

It is out there, and It will stalk you relentlessly. Don’t be one that gets left to die.


  • Zero prep A one shot horror experience where you create troubled characters from questions and discover elements of the creature as you play. The horror is built in while you tell the story.
  • GM less Players share narrative control while the Dealer chip changes hands each scene, passing responsibility for leading the scene and establishing starting Trouble around the table.
  • Diceless Play A resolution mechanic that emulates Texas Hold ‘Em, using standard playing cards played on top of community cards that represent the obstacles you overcome. Optional tables do use d6s.
  • Builds and Releases Tension Each turn, more cards are added that cannot be resolved, overwhelming players until the cards needed to overcome the obstacles are dealt, giving relief only to start the cycle again.
  • Play to Survive Inspired by play to lose TTRPGs like Ten Candles and The Zone, but survival is possible for some characters during their epilogue. Final fates are determined by the cards remaining in your hand in the final scene, combined with community cards left unresolved to make the highest scoring poker hand.
  • Tables for Inspiration or Fast Details Okay, you might want some dice.
    • A d66 table of questions for creating troubled characters quickly.
    • A d66 table of unsettling details to add to the creature each scene, creating a unique horror each game.
    • A d12 table of Trouble to get started surviving in the starting Wild West setting of Paradise Colorado
    • A d12 table of locations to visit in and around Paradise Colorado

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