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Beyond the Hedge

• An optional system of channeling emotions to perform magical feats.
• Five new kiths including the predatory Lamia and the haggling Jinn.
• Contracts, both revised and new, to add more options for changelings of all Courts and Seemings.…

Theophanic Stratagem

A wholly unnatural cycle of fear matures every Spring. Fingers point in all directions while scared residents accuse neighbors and imply hidden conspirators of plots to subvert their quiet way of life.

Summer heat boils away patience and civility during …

Acolytes of Bridgid

Explore Bridgid’s Acolytes, a young alchemical cult that is playing with fire in near every sense of the word. Inspired by ancient Celtic Mythology, the Acolytes mingle neopaganism with a terrible, terrible misunderstanding of the Divine Fire, creating Pandorans every …